Remeber I posted the 991 GT3 RS two months ago?

So many people called me stupid for believing an obvious fake. And what happened in the end? This. Oh, the sweet taste of satisfaction. » 7/31/14 10:35am Thursday 10:35am

OppoQuestion: How do "shaved" engine bays work?

So Speedhunters featured this nice Chevy Small Block swapped W108 Mercedes. Pretty cool, and the engine bay is proper showcar stuff. Now here's my question: how does this shaving and cleaning the engine bay of everything non-essential thing work? There must be a reason why the factory needs all of that space, so where… » 7/29/14 4:16pm Tuesday 4:16pm

Monza will finally become a high speed fest again

Monza is legendary for being the high speed festival of the year. Monza is basically all straight, interrupted by 4 fast corners and 2 chicanes. Sadly though, the event lost some of its spirit. Sebastian Vettel followed a trend set by Button in 2010 and gave downforce a higher priority than pure top speed. In 2011,… » 7/29/14 8:45am Tuesday 8:45am

Get yourself a free Race07/GTR Evolution key for steam

We're finishing our five-week, million-key giveaway bonanza with the fastest game of the bunch. Grab yourself a free Steam key and blast off into the sunset with a copy of GTR Evolution, the expansion to the lauded Race 07, which is also included in this week's free bundle. GTR Evo gives you a selection of 49 GT…

» 7/23/14 6:04pm 7/23/14 6:04pm

German GP attracts record low crowd, not clear why exactly

It's all been going well for Germany this year. Football world champions, Mercedes built the fastest car, Rosberg is leading the Drivers Standing, and three other local heroes fill up the grid. Add an international venue like Hockenheim, spectacular races throughout the season and great weather, and everything should… » 7/23/14 9:10am 7/23/14 9:10am

Russian developers revive Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit

What is Russia well known for? On Jalopnik, it's dash cam craziness. But apart from horses/jets/boats/BMW-douches crashing/missing/overrunning a chimp/babuschka/cop/Putin, Russia has produced some of the world's best mathematicians. A skill very useful for programming. At least that's what I'm told - I have no idea… » 7/23/14 8:00am 7/23/14 8:00am

Toto Wolff injured after biking accident

Reports say that the Mercedes AMG F1 team was doing a recreational bicycle tour in Austria yesterday when Paddy Lowe, one of the key figures of recent F1 dominance, lost control of his bike and fell. While trying to avoid hitting him, many other team members also made contact with the ground and suffered from minor… » 7/23/14 7:45am 7/23/14 7:45am