Watch Seb Vettel totally copy the fake Jeff Gordon Testdrive

Making a good commercial is hard, especially if you try to promote your product by associating with celebrities. If they don't happen to be professional actors, most videos seem awkward, stale and... fake. Like the new Tirendo (a german copy of tire rack) promotion staring Sebastian Vettel in disguise. » 11/21/14 10:30am 11/21/14 10:30am

The time to boycott F1 is now

Just before the Austin GP, the remaining small teams Force India, Sauber and Lotus discussed the option of boycotting the race. While I like the idea, the US is the worst place for it. Remember Indy 2005 and how it cracked the fans' relation to Formula 1 forever? There's no need to do the same thing just after Austin… » 11/16/14 1:06pm 11/16/14 1:06pm

Some rally fans just take it too far

We all know why Group B was cancelled. The mixture of fast vehicles, offroad stages and cars dividing the masses like Moses allegedly did some sea was deadly and left the drivers and the FIA with no other choice. And yes, while we all wish to have Group B back on some level, nobody wants to see manslaughter in racing… » 11/14/14 12:05am 11/14/14 12:05am

Schumacher's first F1 podium car is for sale

This beautiful machine pictured above is a Benetton B191. It's powered by a 3.5 liter Ford HB V8, and it had two F1 legends behind the wheel: Nelson Piquet and Michael Schumacher, the later took the colorful and very elegant car to his first podium finish during the 1992 Mexican Grand Prix. » 11/13/14 10:28pm 11/13/14 10:28pm

Porsche 911 RGT will not start Rally GB because FIA hates fun

Whenever a Porsche 911 made it to a rally event this year, the crowds rejoiced. An iconic sportscar, getting dirty, and sideways, and airborne, and everything that makes WRC so incredible. And it also happens to sound quite good. » 11/12/14 8:43pm 11/12/14 8:43pm

NPoCP? A 15hp, 4 speed Beer Crate

Do you like fun, motorized toys but are like me barely able to change a tire? Luckily, other people have fabrication talent and sometimes offer their work up for sale, as in the case of the "Köstritzer fahrende Bierkiste", the driving beer box for sale on german ebay. » 11/08/14 10:53am 11/08/14 10:53am

The Mercedes SLS GT3 Engine can race for more than 50k kilometers

One thing about race cars is that they are expensive to maintain, especially if we're talking about the top-of-the-crop customer race cars. GT3 cars need engine revisions every few thousand kilometers. Mercedes for example advertised the SLS AMG GT3 with the relatively high mileage of 10 000 kilometers before needing… » 10/26/14 12:42pm 10/26/14 12:42pm

F1 cars are 8 seconds slower than 10 years ago.

Even before it really started, this F1 season has been loaded with negative emotions from the fans, the teams and everyone else somewhat involved with Formula One. And yet, we have seen spectacular racing, both between the silver arrow drivers and their rivals of Red Bull, Ferrari and Williams. What we didn't see is… » 10/23/14 12:41pm 10/23/14 12:41pm

Audi creates new amateur racing series to find the next GT3 star

This weekend, Hockenheim will host the last round of DTM races for 2014. It looks like BMW is going to grab all three titles again (driver & teamtitle are already safely going to Munich), and yet the most interesting announcement is coming from their VAG rivals: in the quest to find new, young touring car talent, Audi… » 10/17/14 7:46pm 10/17/14 7:46pm

Bianchi's crash really affects the whole F1 field emotionally.

The body language and generally depressing atmosphere at the press conference 4 days after the accident gives us an insight how much a heavy crash of a colleague really impacts the mood of modern F1 drivers. Also, while I understand having Seb, Nando, Kvjat, Button and Masse at the conference - who on earth made Sutil… » 10/09/14 12:50pm 10/09/14 12:50pm